Princeton Paralegal Services

Price List

New Jersey

Courier Service $28.00 Mercer County*
Process or Subpoena Service $56.95 No Serve No Charge/Mercer County*
In-Route Second Serves $36.95 Each additional serve-in route to/from
Bulk Service $12.00 Each additional serve-same location
Rush Service (24-48 hours) $22.95 Flat
Same Day Rush Service $46.95 Flat
Service on Pharmaceutical Co's $34.95 No serve no charge
Service on Government Agencies $34.95 No serve no charge
Waiting Time $35.00 Per hour, Flat
Affidavit of Service $12.00  
Affidavit of Due Diligence $12.00  
Return of Service $12.00  
Incorrect Address Fee $16.95  
Attendance Fees $2.00 in county, $2 p/30 miles out of county
Federal District Court Attendance Fee $55.00 Plus mileage
Filing Affidavit $7.95  
Certificate of Conformity $46.95  
Filing Fee   Varies/Type of Document

Out of State

To New Jersey $86.95 No serve no charge
From New Jersey $108.95 No serve no charge
One State to Another (Not New Jersey) $126.95 No serve no charge
Bulk Service $32.00 Each additional serve
Rush Service (3-5 Days) $36.95 Flat
Rush Service (24-48 Hours) $60.00 Flat
Waiting Time $120.00 Flat
Affidavit of Due Diligence $46.95  
Incorrect Address Fee $36.95  
Filing Affidavit $32.00  
Notary Fee $20.00 CA Only
Certificate of Conformity $46.95  
Filing Fee   Varies/Type of document
Attendance Fees   How much do you wish to advance?


Process or Subpoena Skip  $28.00 Per hour


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